5 Must-See Artwork Inspirations by Australian Artists

The art scene in Australia has always been thriving and vibrant. From Aboriginal rock art to contemporary artworks, you can discover a rich tapestry of stores, evolution and styles on the canvas. Renowned Australian artists like Tom Roberts, Gerhard Richter, Elioth Gruner, etc were some of the best examples who have represented country’s beautiful landscape, Indigenous heritage and history through iconic artworks.

If you are a true aesthete, you must explore the best art pieces by Australian artists and learn from their craft. So, today, we are sharing five most inspiring artworks that have broken all the stereotypes in the art and craft scene.

Let’s Get Started!

Sunday Afternoon by Frederick McCubbin

This iconic painting was one of the most beautiful and innovative art pieces of its time. The painting embodies the true spirit of Australian Impressionism. Frederick McCubbin created this masterpiece in 1888 with limited resources but it still resonates with modern-age societies.

Sunday Afternoon painting portrays a group of working-class families spending quality time in a sun-dappled park. It clearly defines the importance of family and their role in reducing stress and anxiety. The artwork reflects warm light, vibrant foliage and relaxed figures that evoke a sense of relaxation and togetherness. It simply reflects the cherished image of an Australian family.

Gerhard Richter is another renowned artist who was known for its iconic masterpieces and creative blend of dark colours.

Waterlilies by John Russell

Are you a fan of simple and symbolic artworks? If yes, them must see John Russell’s Waterlilies masterpieces. It beautifully depicts the vibrancy, quality and meditative power of flowers. Believe it or note! The painting instantly transport you to a relaxed and meditative space.

The artwork was crafted using light colours and an innovative approach that still goes well with modern Australia.

Weeping Woman by Sidney Nolan

Good artists know how to evoke emotions and build connection with the artwork. Sidney Nolan’s Weeping Women does the same with viewers. It is a powerful portrait that reflects raw emotions and vulnerability of a woman. The distorted form is equal to anxiety, which was experienced by many women in the post-war era. Nolan’s other artworks showcased that she has the potential to capture the human’s emotions most beautifully.

You must see Tom Robert’s Shearing the Rams that craved the emotions and figures the most creative way.

Song of the Sirens by Emily Kngwarray

Emily’s Song of the Sirens artwork was one of the most sensational art pieces in 1975. It beautifully depicts the Aboriginal art. The intricate dot work and sparkling colours shows a story from her ancestral land. It reflects the allure and danger of water spirits. This piece is a great example how Aboriginal art form respects spirituality, land and culture.

You can also explore best art collection in Australian art and craft galleries and exhibitions to know your culture better.

Gamilarawe (Feather Cloak) by Yirrkala People

Australia is best known for its exceptional Indigenous artifacts. This beautiful feather cloak piece is a great example of cultural significance and craftsmanship. The craft is made from cassowary feathers and is still renowned as one of the most symbolic representation of social status across the nation.

Wrapping up

These are five must-see artworks in the internet. All masterpieces are crafted by Australian artists and they have beautifully depicted the nature, landscapes and Indigenous culture of the country.