Broken Dawn by arcipello


Note by arcipello:

hey guys, its that rare time again when i actually finish something off!!!

this is a piece of contract work, the client wanted it to be stongly related to my silent silhouette piece, so thats why the colour scheme is somewhat similar.
ive spent atleast 80 hours on this….at the very least!

this image was painted using both photoshop 7 and Painter 9 along with the help from my A6 wacom graphire 2, with that said please dont keep asking what software or wacom i use.

ive really enjoyed painting this and have learnt a great deal more about painting water from scratch, same can be siad of the sky.

apart from some of the brick work and a couple of buildings near the waters edge, the rest is 100% painted from scratch.

my fingers are tired now so ill let the image do the talking:D