Marilyn Monroe was a prominent actress and model in Hollywood in 1950s and 60s. She was reckoned for her beauty and often became the subject for photographs and paintings by artists. Her smile was always one of her greatest attributes and attractions as can be seen in this oil painting by Leroy Neiman. This piece was created in 1992 by the artist and it is numbered and signed in pencil on lower margin “A.P. 39/50 LeRoy Neiman.”

People are always appreciated this art because it successfully depicts the actress’s charm and attraction in vivid colours. It is a portrait of just her face but as they say paintings say a thousand words and this piece does. It is a striking pastel image that can light up any setting it is placed in. What’s more, even though the painting was created decades ago, its appeal still remains the same. The painting is invigorating and shows mastery of the craft the artist hold as he is so skilfully able to capture the true essence of Monroe’s smile.