Medusa – Original Artwork by Japanese Artist Hiroko Sakai


The Medusa No. One painting is among the most famous pieces of art by Hiroko Sakai. It was brushed on gallery-quality wrapped stretched canvas with oil paints with the size of the painting being about 24X30 inches. This painting is excellent for adding character to any room and can brighten up the home décor. The artist painted the art by covering the edges in black and using complementary colours for Medusa’s face and reptilian hair. The expression of Medusa who was one of the three Gorgon sisters according to Greek mythology is sombre and haunting in this painting. The face is beautiful but the hair made from venomous snakes conveys powerfully how dangerous she was. Hiroko Sakai has successfully depicted the power of Medusa along with her beauty. The artist’s talent of conveying emotionally moving and passionate pieces of arts is undeniable.