Eruption 2 by RHADS

Painted with skill for colour composition, this painting is a piece of modern art that captures the eye immediately. Looking at the piece, you can judge the passion of the painter who wishes to show a volcanic eruption in a beautiful manner. It shows sprouting of molten lava in red,…

Winter Heart by MartaNael

Another marvellous piece of digital impressionism, this painting by Marta Nael is a testament to modern art and expression. The artist took five hours to complete this piece using Photoshop CS4 and Wacom Graphire. The art shows a young woman playing a beautiful violin with utmost passion and dedication. The…

Broken Dawn By Arcipello Painting Description

This beautiful silhouette artwork is by the talented Arcipello. It is mesmerising with warm colours, and it has excellent compositions as well. It conveys the feeling of being lonely perfectly with the woman staring through a window in a broken home in the middle of the sea. Also, the setting…

Importance of Arts and Culture in Australia

Australia has always been a multicultural country, and with so many different cultures and languages, it’s not astounding that different regions have different artistic styles. People having different tastes and cultures like to participate and engage with arts at some level. Art plays a huge role in our lives, the…

Broken Dawn by arcipello

  Note by arcipello: hey guys, its that rare time again when i actually finish something off!!! this is a piece of contract work, the client wanted it to be stongly related to my silent silhouette piece, so thats why the colour scheme is somewhat similar. ive spent atleast 80…

Speed Painting – Valley City by ANTIFAN-REAL

  A city nestles inside a deep lush valley. As sunrise strikes the highest structures early morning traffic bustles from area to area as people get on with their day.   Original res 5.6K painted in CS 5.5 Intous 4

Marilyn Monroe Painting By Leroy Neiman

Art work: Oil paintings, Canvas Prints, Posters

Medusa – Original Artwork by Japanese Artist Hiroko Sakai

The Medusa No. One painting is among the most famous pieces of art by Hiroko Sakai. It was brushed on gallery-quality wrapped stretched canvas with oil paints with the size of the painting being about 24X30 inches. This painting is excellent for adding character to any room and can brighten…

Flower Abstraction By Roger Akesson

CM, Abstract, acrylic on canvas board.

Appaloosa Art Horse Oil Painting By Laurie Justus Pace

Appy At Sunrise Equine Appaloosa Art Horse Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace.