Perkhad Tradeswoman by Jennyeight

BatenKaitos is a video game which inspired Jenny Yeight to create this beautiful painting. According to the artist it is one of her favouritevideo games and it hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. The game is old but the artist still finds it cute and nice with a good storyline which is why she created this painting as a tribute. She liked the colours used in the graphics of the game and taking inspiration from them created this wonderful piece of art. In addition to painting this piece in line with the original game’s design and atmosphere, Jenny has incorporated hew own ideas as well.

Here the aim is to maintain the anime style while incorporating own touches to create a unique piece. The game’s graphics are colourful but hazy which is what the artist went for while painting this original character that belongs to Namco. It took Jenny 9 hours to complete the artwork after she used the used the original situation in the game. This piece is beautiful and charming because the subject is serene sitting with a small smile of contentment on her face. The colours and slight blurry haze add a mystical quality to the artwork.