Top Iconic Artworks by Gerhard Richter

Born in 1932, Gerhard Richter is a prolific artist reckoned for his wide range of artworks. In past decades, he has produced paintings with photographic resemblance and multiple abstract and blurred pieces. He is among the most influential artists of modern times and reckoned as the best contemporary artist. You’ll be surprised to know that Gerhard trained as a realist painter but later moved to an abstract-style of painting.


Thus, his work is inspired from pop arts, minimalism, conceptualism and in later years from photographs and rendered paintings. He is a true artist who has mastered over almost every form of painting. Want to know what are his top 10 iconic artworks? Here is a complete list.


  1. Abstraktes Bild or Abstract Painting

Richter created this masterpiece in 1979 depicting varied tones of blue, purple and violet. The painting has geometric shapes that look like broken icebergs. However the artists refrains from providing a definitive explanation and wanted it to be purely abstract.


  1. Stadtbild SA

Part of Richter’s Stadtbilder Cycle series, this painting shows the blurred lines between reality and its procreation during globalisation. The series was inspirited by urbanscapes and the view a bomber would have of cities during the Second World War.


  1. 1024 Colours

He painted 1024 blocks of colours and the painting is among the best depictions of pop culture. The image looks like a colour chart but the hues are not aligned by tint or variations.


  1. Mund

Painted in 1963, Mund or Mouth is a painting the artist created in the initial years of his career. It is a cropped image of the famous actress Brigitte Bardot’s mouth. The lips, teeth and mouth are all blurred adding to represent the sensuality the actress possessed. It is similar to works like Marilyn Monroe By Leroy Neiman.


  1. Clouds

As a part of his Abstract Expressionism, Richter painted Clouds in oil colours. It gives the viewer the expression of watching through the window to witness the dominance of blue on the sky.


  1. Seascape

Among the most popular works of Richter from the latest 90s is the Seascape based on photographs. It is a complicated creation with a blend of multiple themes.


  1. 11 Panes

11 panes is one of the paintings of Gerhard Richter exploring the usage of glass. It as if the viewer is looking through a glass pane. Since there are many glass panes, the painting gets increasingly blurry the farther the scene.


  1. Cage

It is a group of 6 large abstract paintings each painted in different colours with horizontal and vertical bands. These bands are disrupted by haphazard scratches and dents. In all paintings have different hues but the key elements remain the same and repeat themselves.



Gerhard Richter is the best artists of modern era. From abstract to realistic paintings from photographs, his work speaks volumes. It is worth seeing his work in real time.


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