Importance of Arts and Culture in Australia

Australia has always been a multicultural country, and with so many different cultures and languages, it’s not astounding that different regions have different artistic styles. People having different tastes and cultures like to participate and engage with arts at some level.

Art plays a huge role in our lives, the way we live, think and feel about ourselves. According to a recent survey, nine out of ten Australians think it is important to have some artistic skills. Everyone in this country read books, listens to music, and likes to attend theatre; concerts, galleries and art museums which show that art plays a serious role in the lives of the majority of people in Australia.

It helps people in exploring ways to adapt and challenge traditions and rules. It teaches how you can shape your future, how you can join different talents that lead to innovation. In fact, it’s no surprise that successful business leaders are now taking art classes that help them in becoming more creative and innovative and makes them create new ideas to take their business to heights.  It has become an important and rewarding part of working life for many people.


Australians see arts as a great source of pride for them. Here people have used paintings to preserve their culture, whose origins come from an entirely different visual language. Australians often use artworks and paintings for different purposes, and the interpretations of the paintings vary according to the viewers.

Creative industries

Arts paved the way for creative industries which is a considerable and rapidly growing sector that employs many of Australia’s most creative people. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports revealed that arts are generally concentrated on labour which means that they are a valuable source of employment.

Role of technology

Technology has played a big democratising role in enabling and encouraging more people to both appreciate and play a part in all forms of art practice. It is expected to continue in the coming years also, which is good for arts engagement and will help in making people understand the value of art practices better.


The arts in Australia have also developed into an important industry appointing many people and making a valuable contribution to the economy. It is important to understand that the economic and environmental future depends on the innovation and creativity of people. Today, several ideas may not work, and sometimes a single small idea can be worth more than millions.

All generations engaging with arts

All the generations have been participating in arts all over the country. In fact, the younger generation is seen involved much deeper. The survey also disclosed that there is an increase in the number of people who say that arts have a positive impact on their lives. The social media platforms have caused a greater engagement in art making and hence has blurred the boundaries between art appreciations and art making.

There has been a myth in the Australian society that art attracts only people, who are elite, but recently the people from all walks of life and culturally diverse backgrounds broke the myth and people have started seeing it in a broader perspective.

Nurturing creativity

Arts play a fundamental role in making Australians more innovative and creative. At the young age children are encouraged to learn and be creative but when they grow up, their creativity drops off, and they forget their talents as well. It’s only arts that awaken and nurtures creativity in them at every age.

Expose New Worlds

Arts expose us to an altogether different world, with different ways of thinking, alternative ways of seeing the world which grants new ways of solving problems. Hence not just for fun, but arts teach us to learn a lot of things useful for our living.


Arts no doubt have played a long role in shaping our society and hold a significant role to play in future as well.  It helps in characterising and negotiating who we are, what are our beliefs and values and what we strive for.

These are some facts that demonstrate the role of arts in Australian society and the way arts shape lives and the life of the Australian community.