Kitchen at the old King Street
Sydney Steam Tram
Sydney Steam Tram Created by Joseph Spinella

“Sydney Steam Tram Steaming up Phillip Street on its way to Bondi”

Home Again
Home again by Frederick McCubbin

“Home again, painted in 1884 by Frederick McCubbin, is the major painting of the artist’s early work”

Orange Head
Orange Head (1964) – Sidney Nolan

Medium: Oil on board Dimensions: 122 x 122 cm

Dancing Ladies
Dancing Ladies Created by Martin Bulinya

Dimensions: 27″ x 21″ (69 x 53cm) Medium:  Acrylic and Ink on Canvas

Looking Down
Raining Paint
Raining Paint Created by Skurtur

The raining paint artwork by the Norway-based collective Skurtur cleverly depicts the differences in visualisation and conceptualisations. This can clearly be seen in this art form in Australia, where an older man runs away from the rain while a younger child happily plays in it. This street art was made…

design for the set of the ballet tristan and isolde
Design for the Set of the Ballet Tristan and Isolde Created by Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali was a fantastic Spanish artist with a vivid imagination and used this as a creative realm for movies and jewellery posters. He delved deep into the erotic dimension and created the paranoic-critical concept that explored imagination and abstract concepts and presented them as reality. Cornish King Tristan was…

Patricia Piccinin Art
The Young Family by artist Patricia Piccinini at the Bendigo Art Gallery contemporary section 2006.

The Young Family is an artwork that has been spoken about by many people all over the world. This art form in Australia goes way beyond the imagination and talks about various themes that are relevant in today’s world. The artist Patricia Piccinini is known for her powerful depiction of…

Taboo Top – Original Artwork by Japanese Artist Hiroko Sakai

Hiroko Sakai is one of the best Japanese artists in Australia, as she knows how to portray profound messages through her artwork. One of her best artworks to date is the Taboo Top artwork that has been renowned worldwide. This artwork in Australia speaks about the passionate love between two…