Raining Paint Created by Skurtur

Raining Paint

The raining paint artwork by the Norway-based collective Skurtur cleverly depicts the differences in visualisation and conceptualisations. This can clearly be seen in this art form in Australia, where an older man runs away from the rain while a younger child happily plays in it.

This street art was made using a stencil, spray and paint and half an umbrella and is a beautiful depiction of the innocence of youth and freedom. The little kid can be seen spreading his arms out and enjoying the rain and is happy that the rain started.

On the other hand, the man looks unhappy and worried as it starts raining and is clutching an umbrella tightly. He wants to escape the rain and is unhappy with this sudden downpouring.

Skurtur has brilliantly used this simple concept to depict something larger. They show the power of the child who is seen enjoying and taking a moment and celebrating the rain. The older man is a symbol of adulthood where everyone is always racing ahead of time and scrambling ahead.

No one is stopping to enjoy the moment as everyone is only looking to get ahead. In the transition to adulthood, humans are in such a mad race to get ahead that they forget to stop and enjoy small moments like these. Instead, it becomes a nuisance to experience the rain and adults run away from it.

It is a call to get back in touch with that innocence and happiness as depicted in the child and make the world a happy place where we stop and enjoy where we are at present. It is good to advance, but it is also good to live in the moment and enjoy unexpected surprises like the child was enjoying the rain.

This street art was also used as a symbol for the Ricomincia da Te movement promoting economic and political reform in Italy. It symbolises the importance of arts and culture and staying creative and artistic and not just racing ahead in time and stopping to enjoy our surroundings.

The way this artwork was made is also a good representation of how the different ideas can be portrayed through art forms. The spray paint depicts the heavy colourful rain as falling downwards brilliantly. The stencil drawings of the child and the man are also vivid and exciting. The child has been drawn with open and wide arms and a happy face that is delighted to see the rain.

This critical artwork is reminiscent of Banksy’s work, full of criticism and social satire. The stencilled drawing of the man has been shown as grumpy and shrivelled, and his posture is small, depicting how unhappy he is with the rain. The umbrella has also been used in a descriptive manner by projecting half of it outwards to create a 3D feel and appeal and make it stand out more.

You should check it out for an in-depth understanding of how adults and children view the same thing in very different manners.