Winter Heart by MartaNael

Another marvellous piece of digital impressionism, this painting by Marta Nael is a testament to modern art and expression. The artist took five hours to complete this piece using Photoshop CS4 and Wacom Graphire. The art shows a young woman playing a beautiful violin with utmost passion and dedication. The colours used in the piece are complex yet complimenting each other neatly. The use of colours is well-thought and pleasant. Additionally, the use of different brush strokes adds to the beauty of this complex yet exquisite painting. Some people have said they can hear the music just by looking at this excellent piece of art.
The artist who created this piece is extremely talented. She has made a host of art pieces for marketing purposes, videogames, book covers, music album covers, and much more. She has a degree in Fine Arts and winner of the ImagineFX Rising Stars award as well.