Eruption 2 by RHADS

Painted with skill for colour composition, this painting is a piece of modern art that captures the eye immediately. Looking at the piece, you can judge the passion of the painter who wishes to show a volcanic eruption in a beautiful manner. It shows sprouting of molten lava in red, orange, green, and blue, colours that are associated with passion, rage, envy, and tranquillity, making a complex composition.
The best part about the painting is the artist standing on a rock near the eruption painting the scene on the canvas. One way to interpret this piece is to think the artist is brave because he is not afraid to capture this a beautiful moment in the nature. It depicts his passion for drawing the scene even if it is dangerous and lead to injury. It can also be interpreted as an explosion of colours by the artist to show how joyful it is.

If you are a lover of bold colours painted in perfect harmony with each other, then this painting will give you immense joy. It is a reflective piece of art by a good artist made using excellent software, colours, and thought. If you like such painting, then you can find more compositions by Rhads.