Taboo Top – Original Artwork by Japanese Artist Hiroko Sakai


Hiroko Sakai is one of the best Japanese artists in Australia, as she knows how to portray profound messages through her artwork. One of her best artworks to date is the Taboo Top artwork that has been renowned worldwide.

This artwork in Australia speaks about the passionate love between two gay men who must keep their love a secret because of society. The emotions are very realistic and deep, and Hiroko uses this painting to make her viewers think about these emotions more vividly.

She uses oil in this painting as it creates a more durable and lasting impact and stays afresh in the viewer’s mind. With oil as the backdrop, the emotional appeal and passion of the two lovers can be seen more exquisitely and convey the deep longing they both have for each other.

This is a very personal and descriptive painting that touches upon a very taboo subject in society- the path of gay love. It is not a subject many artists like to discuss, but Hiroko takes on the courage to showcase this theme to show the world this side. She depicts their longing for each other that must be kept secret because they are gay, and society might not accept them for who they are. Their true sense of longing and belonging to each other is something they can feel but are scared to depict to the world, so they hide it and keep it a secret.

Hiroko delves deep into this concept, showcases the genuine emotions of the two lovers, and helps viewers see their immense affection. You can see through the vivid colours and strokes that Hiroko delivers a masterpiece subtly.

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She has many more such artforms and is one of the most well-respected artists globally. She has used her Japanese art knowledge to lure viewers to the depth of the emotion and keep them invested.

Painting is one of the best media to express art and artists, and Hiroko has done this beautifully in her artwork. She has used paintings to depict emotions and create a sense of understanding and compassion in her audience, so they feel what the painting is trying to say. You should go ahead and look at Taboo Top and browse through her other works to understand the vivid concepts in her artwork and understand the importance of arts and culture in Australia.

The vivid use of colourful strokes also keeps this painting in the viewers’ minds long after they have seen it. Go ahead and check out this brilliant stroke today by a renowned artist and see some good artwork in Australia.