The Young Family by artist Patricia Piccinini at the Bendigo Art Gallery contemporary section 2006.

Patricia Piccinin Art

The Young Family is an artwork that has been spoken about by many people all over the world. This art form in Australia goes way beyond the imagination and talks about various themes that are relevant in today’s world.

The artist Patricia Piccinini is known for her powerful depiction of human emotions and creates mystical and humanoid creatures in her artwork. She uses these creatures as a metaphor for showcasing the change in society and helps society understand how to progress and adapt.

In The Young Family, Patricia showcases a pig-like face of a naked mother surrounding and caring for her children. This creature is supposed to depict the power of the mother and maternal love. It showcases how this world now needs the acts of kindness and compassion that a mother displays for her children.

It also talks about how the father of technology has created many problems in the universe and landed humanity in a lot of trouble. If we keep moving forward like this, nothing will be left. So we must now turn to the mother, the maternal instinct that reflects the concept of compassion and live beautifully, leaving the viewers in awe. It is a powerful message calling people to unite and fight for humanity lovingly and compassionately. The concepts of brotherhood and familial bonding that have been lost in today’s individualistic world are what humankind needs today to keep us strong and united. If humanity sticks together, there is nothing that they cannot accomplish, and they can overcome any difficulty.

Patricia also talks about the concept of sustaining the environment through her figures. The pig-like, hyper-realistic creature is the mother earth that gives shelter to us all. With technological advancements, humans have been destroying this mother earth without considering any consequences. She calls humans to look at mother earth and start saving her now. She asks humans to start using technology and innovation in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner to save humankind.

She also delves into the concept of stopping climate change so that mother nature is not harmed and can keep providing us with the shelter humans need. Climate change can destroy mother nature, and thus it is necessary to keep trying our best to use sustainable means to keep humanity moving forward in an eco-friendly manner.

Humans must learn how to respect each other and nature, which is the only way to move ahead. This painting depicts this profound message of mother’s love created clearly and makes us think about the future humans could have if they tried. Please take a look at this painting for a deeper understanding of where Patricia is coming from and what she hopes for the future of society.

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